A daring use of explosives

© Cadena Ser

A CASHPOINT in La Cala de Moral was blown up by thieves who then stole the contents. 

Nearby residents were awoken by a loud explosion at 4.40am, prompting a stream of calls to the emergency services. No-one was injured, but the explosion caused significant damage to the branch. Police have not yet made an arrest.

The robbery is the third of its kind in recent weeks, following thefts from a Santander branch in El Viso and an ATM at a Toys R Us store on the Avenida de Velazquez, both in Malaga. 


All three have involved the use of plastic explosive, with the explosion in the Toys R Us robbery destroying the store’s shopping trolleys. The robberies have also all been located near main roads, which allows them to make a quick getaway.


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