Crackdown on counterfeit items

SELLING CRACKDOWN: Illegal products were seized by police.

MORE than 1,000 counterfeit items being illegally sold on the beaches and pavements in Torrevieja have been seized.

The Group Reinforcement Operative (GRO) of the Local Police of Torrevieja, in their fight against the illegal sale of counterfeit goods, announced they have seized a total of 1,132 objects during the first half of August. This also resulted in the arrest of one of the main ringleaders of the sellers and thanks to an increased police presence, have not ruled out more arrests.

The GRO group, in the first two weeks of the month, also dealt with 52 complaints, mostly for the possession of narcotics and violation of municipal ordinances.


Local Police in Cartagena have also clamped down on the sale of counterfeit products and have seized 724 illegal products ion Los Urrutias which were being sold in the summer street market.



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