Owner desperately seeking Gandalf

ELUSIVE GANDALF: Have you seen this dog?

A DESPERATE owner has been searching high and low for Gandalf, a Spanish mountain dog which has been wandering the coast from Murcia towards Almeria for weeks.

He was first spotted in Aguilas on August 9 and although an animal shelter, vet and the council were informed, they were unable to catch the dog as he scarpered. 

Locals took pity and left food and water out for him, and when they were able to take photos, posted them on social media which led to the owner seeing them.


The dog, he said, was stolen in October but by the time he got to Aguilas to be reunited with his lost pet, Gandalf had headed off along the coast. He was spotted on August 18 in Villaricos and three days later in Mojacar, yet although his owner is on the trail he hasn’t managed to catch up with him.

If anyone sees the wandering dog, they are asked not to try to catch him as he is likely to become scared and run away, and instead to call the owner on 606 484 414.



  1. I cannot get through on your phone number but I am sure I saw this dog in Mojacar on the 25 August if you want any more details please ring me on 634 310 100
    We saw him by the roundabout on the way up to the Pueblo we were in the petrol station and he was just across from there would suggest you have a good look around Mojacar, as there is probably plenty of food laying around near bins


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