Off-duty police officer saves two drowning children

© National Police
The National Police officer who rescued the children.

ON the afternoon of Sunday August 21, an off-duty member of the National Police enjoying the sun and the beach of Son Serra de Marina noticed that despite the fact that red flags were flying and the sea was rough, two young children were swimming in the sea.

He saw that they appeared to be having difficulty, possibly because of the undertow and when he heard them call for help in English he did not hesitate to dive in to help the children as the lifeguard had completed his period of duty and had left.

He first managed to get hold of the young girl who appeared to be about 10-years-old as she was in the most difficulty and then returned for the younger boy who seemed to be about seven.


Both children were saved by the quick thinking of this off-duty officer who happened to be in the right place at the right time.


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