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A LEGEND: John Lennon filming in Almeria.

ALMERIA has sent a stand with a small delegation and promotional materials to the ‘International Beatleweek 2016’ celebrations in Liverpool, which run from August 24-30.

John Lennon famously composed the psychedelic masterpiece ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in the southeastern city, after becoming inspired while filming Richard Lester’s black comedy film ‘How I Won the War’ there in 1966.

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The provincial tourism department is hoping that their presence at the Adelphi Hotel, one of the key venues being used at an event expected to attract thousands of Beatles fans from all over the world, will bring more Lennon-related visitors to the area.

To that end, the new brochures feature images of the great man at various locations in Almeria.

Founder of the association ‘LennonAlmeriaForever,’ J Adolfo Iglesias, will also deliver a lecture on the origins of Strawberry Fields Forever on Sunday 28, while promoting Almeria’s plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lennon’s jaunt between October 7 and 9 this year.


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