Labour leadership candidate wants second referendum

Owen Smith MP.

IN the possibly unlikely event that Owen Smith is elected leader of the Labour Party in September, he has announced that he will throw the Labour ‘strength’ in Parliament behind a call to the government to give the British electorate an opportunity for a second referendum or he will insist on a general election.

His view is that Labour did not do anything like what it could have done to get behind the Remain vote and he believes that the British people should have the right to approve the terms of any Brexit.

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His position however is in theory oxymoronic as the terms of the exit will not be agreed until after Article 50 is invoked, so whilst there may be some unofficial discussions prior to Britain formally applying to leave the EU, they will not be binding on any party.

Whilst the prime minster has indicated that she does not want to see Article 50 invoked during 2016, senior figures in the Conservative Party are pushing for her to get things moving as early as possible in 2017 as many fear that delay will actually result in postponement of a final decision and indeed a possible reversal of opinion.

With the close split between those who voted for and against, Mr Smith would appear to be trying to appeal to those who wished to remain within the Union as well as those who may well regret not having voted or having voted to leave.

With a relatively healthy majority in Parliament, the Conservatives will be able to control the situation with regards to the timing of the decision to leave the European Union and to a great extent a divided and squabbling Labour Party is currently something of an irrelevance as far as governing the country is concerned.


  1. It looks like Corbyn could be replaced by another lunatic. Smith has to get it through his thick head that the people have spoken, and Brexit will become a reality. Pushing for another vote if he gets into power is not the way to go.
    I suppose if another vote fails to get his desired result then he will keep pushing for another one until he achieves the result he wants.
    What he fails to understand is that very many of the Labour voters came down on the side of leave, and he should accept that.
    I think its time that Labour shut up shop and retired from British politics for they have surely lost all sense of reason.

  2. Lol, is there no end to these idiots that we call politicians 🙂
    I wonder if Labour are coming to an end now, they certainly are compared to what they used to be “Not that I ever supported them”. With all the support UKIP got coming up to the last general election I wonder if they are missing the opportunity to become one of the main parties of opposition if not the main party of opposition, maybe they will be before long lol

    I despair at what the average politician thinks they need to be to do their job and how they are able to get to the position where this idiot is, including the people who put them there… god help us all if this is the type of person who thinks they are political material.

  3. I think you are wrong on the time it will take to leave the EU Bix! I think you will find things will move fairly fast “faster than meany think” after A50 is triggered and the reason is that its in the other members interests for the UK leave process to be done and dusted quickly, the longer it takes the longer it will be seen to help hold back the struggling economy of the EU… not that it is holding things back much mind you considering the EURO along with these blundering idiots that run the EC and EU are the main cause of the economic problems most of the EU finds itself in, they just can’t bring themselves to admit it 🙂


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