Another drug success for the National Police

© National Police
Drugs, equipment and money seized.

THE equivalent of two football teams, 22 people, were arrested by National Police in an operation in Castellon which also netted 840 kilos of hashish as well as cocaine, crystal meth, amphetamines and ‘viagra.’

The gang was split into two teams, one which was involved in the transportation of large volumes of drugs and the other which arranged for the safekeeping and sale of the drugs as they arrived until dispatch.

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The drugs were moved around Spain and into European countries in heavy duty trucks which contained false compartments into which large amounts of drugs could be shipped. Officers became aware of this gang after intercepting one of the trucks which contained 300 kilos of hashish.

Following further investigation, officers seized another truck driven by two men in which they found a further 540 kilos of the drug.  At the same time, officers raided three properties in the area, one of which was a so-called safe house in which they also found kilos of cocaine, crystal meth and speed as well as €1,550.

The other two houses were used as ‘take aways’ with customers phoning in their orders and the drugs were either posted to them or if nearby delivered by hand.

Apart from the 22 individuals and the various drugs, in smashing this operation, the police also seized four trucks, five other vehicles, packing equipment and €28,000 in cash.


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