Waste not want not

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WASTE TRANSFER: A site is wanted in the Vega Baja that would gather the area’s waste before going to landfill.

THE Waste Consortium has failed to resolve the situation concerning the transport of waste to authorised dumps, with none of the 27 municipalities of the Vega Baja offering land to accommodate a waste transport station.

As a result, it means the Council will now take over the reins and look for suitable areas to enable this necessary installation. It is expected that two plants will be needed, one in the coastal area and another in a town in the centre of the Vega Baja.

The refusal of councils to provide areas to install plants similar to the Sagunto one, which is located in an industrial estate and was visited by the mayors and councillors of the Vega Baja, will force the Government to search for a permanent location. 


Despite no towns wanting to host such a site, all have complained in recent months of the expense to move rubbish trucks to the dumps of Jijona, Alicante, Elche and Murcia.

The importance of this plant is that it would allow trucks a common point to concentrate waste from different municipalities which would then be compacted to large trucks and moved to landfills.  This will avoid more vehicles having to pass through the province to waste sites which would mean large savings in both economic and environmental terms. 

Hosting the facility will  bring some economic benefits for the voluntary municipality and the Waste Consortium will also launch an awareness campaign to assure residents that there will be no discomfort to them, as such a site will be far away from urban centres.


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