‘Virtual’ kidnapping is a growing concern

HANG UP: Do not give the caller any info.

POLICE in Mallorca have registered several complaints in recent months of ‘virtual kidnappings’ in Palma.

In a typical incident, a person receives a phone call from a stranger who says they have kidnapped a family member. Taking advantage of the anguish and confusion generated by this news, the offender demands an amount of money keeping a person on the phone to prevent you contacting your family member to check. 

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Since February, Palma has recorded nine such cases and police are warning people to be aware of a scam which aims to obtain a quick amount of money.

Police say most of the calls are from hidden numbers or people using the prefix 0056. They said the caller never uses the person’s name but will inadvertently get the victim to say it which they then use during the course of the call to give credibility to it.

Police advise people to hang up immediately and call family members. If they do not answer and you are concerned, contact police straight away.  

They advise people not to give the caller any form of personal information


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