Going braless could be better for your health

LET LOOSE: And free yourself from the range of problems bras can cause.

COULD it be time to ditch that wardrobe staple, the bra? Some experts believe that they can cause health problems and lead to droopy breasts.

A woman’s health expert in the UK said they can cause problems ranging from muscle damage and pain in your neck and shoulders, to headaches and even skin conditions. 

Several years ago a French university professor who had monitored 300 women aged between 18 and 35 over 15 years, concluded that bras were a ‘false necessity’ as his study found that those avoiding bras developed more muscle tissue in their bust, which provided natural support. This muscle tissue did not develop when restricted with bra fabric.


The warnings come as fashion choices seem to be making a shift from the plunging, push-up bras, to the more natural, softer look. Retail analysts NPD reported that sales of traditional bras are down 19 per cent as more women choose sports bras for ‘comfort and ease of movement’ and last month the parent firm of Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand, reported that its shares this year were down by 29 per cent as sales of its ‘super-sexy’ push-up bras fell.


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