Possible new future for white elephant

NEW USE: Could former film studios be home to regional broadcaster?

THE abandoned Ciudad de la Luz film studios in Alicante City could become a centre for resuscitated regional broadcaster, RTVV.

 “They would easily fit in with the audiovisual project,” said Manuel Alcaraz who heads the Regional Government’s Department of Transparency.  “We see no drawbacks in installing RTVV in one of the buildings there.”  

Antonio Rodes, managing director of publicly-owned Valencian Community Themed Projects (SPTCV), has already pinpointed the Cinema School buildings. 


“It has several multi-use installations and two sets which would be perfect for Canal 9,” said Rodes who added that any decision rested with the new RTVV board. 

Canal 9 would decide its own design and model. “We’ll have to wait and see because we have heard that the broadcaster does not want provincial delegations or to be working with local television stations.”

Ciudad de la Luz’s role was cut short after Pinewood Studios in the UK protested the studios had received €265m in public money and had violated competition laws.

Brussels ordered the return of the subsidies, leading to the recent auction where no bids were received.



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