Dancing with the stars

REHEARSAL TIME: Jenny and Glenn will be hoping to impress the judges with their first dance, the waltz.

TWO Norwegian celebrities have been training hard, and laughing hard, at the Quesada Fitness Gym ahead of their appearance on Skal vi danse, the Norwegian edition of the British television series, Strictly Come Dancing and its US counterpart, Dancing with the Stars.

Glenn Jorgen Sandaker is one of the show’s long-running dancing professionals who, in this series, has been partnered up with Jenny Jenssen, singer and actress.

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Jenny is known for being in the group Septimus and as a solo artist. She has sold more than 300,000 discs, received one double platinum and four gold records and made her acting debut in 2007. But now she is taking to the dance floor.

During a Sunday morning rehearsal at the Quesada Fitness Gym, Jenny told the Euro Weekly News that she had been asked to do the show on numerous occasions but could never previously commit. Now, with her daughter a little older she is excited to be taking part.

“It’s a new challenge and I wanted to learn something. I’ve just opened this door and I don’t know what is behind it but I’m looking forward to finding out and showing the Norwegian people what I can do.”

Jenny has a holiday home in the area but with the first show just weeks away dancing partner Glenn came along too for a few days of training where they went over their waltz at the gym. “It’s great, she is so dedicated,” said Glenn, who has previously won the show and will be hoping this year’s new partnership will see them dancing their way through to the finals.

Gym owner Vivienne Shepherd said she was delighted to be able to accommodate such a lovely pair!


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