Another airline charges passenger for special treatment and then refuses it

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David Silva.

CHRIS HUNTER paid Jet2 for the privilege of having seats with extra leg room for himself and his family when flying from Manchester to Ibiza but when he boarded the flight, he was told by cabin crew that he and his family would have to sit in normal seats rather than those which he had booked according to him 11 months previously.

He was understandably irritated, more so however when Manchester City footballers David Silva and Pablo Zabaleta arrived on board later and were immediately placed in the seats that he had paid for.

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At least he knew that he and his family could look forward to comfortable seats on the trip home, but to his amazement this was not the case as once again, he and his party were denied access to the seats that he had paid for.

As is so often the case, cabin crew confirmed that he was shown as having paid for additional leg room but could do nothing to resolve the situation and suggested that he contact the airline to complain when he returned home.

Jet2 have now apologised and refunded the money he had spent (even though they had kept it interest free for nearly one year), denied that any special treatment had been given to the Manchester City duo blaming the problems on changes in aircraft, even though they only operate different versions of the Boeing 737s on this route.


  1. Yes l agree JET2 certainly go on the blacklist of cheap and nasty airline crooks that we should not fly with. They do this many many times…


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