Medical staff join in ‘For a million steps’

HEALTH STAFF: Are taking part in initiative.

THIS year, 283 medical professionals for various centres and departments within the Northern Almeria Health District have taken part in the Health Department’s ‘For a Million Steps’ initiatives, notching up an impressive 30,404,701 steps between them.

Two hundred women and 83 men from La Inmaculada hospital’s obstetrics and gynaecology, trauma, emergency, internal medicine and mental health departments along with staff from the health centres in Seron, Pulpi and Garrucha and other services organised themselves into 14 groups to take part in the non-competitive initiative, which promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle by challenging each group to notch up at least a million steps per month between them on group walks.

Many reported that they not only felt better after practising the exercise they preached but that group relations had also improved, and said they intended to sign up for the next edition of the challenge in the autumn.



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