Figure to be proud of

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Disabled parking solution in Alfaz Credit: Alfaz Town hall

ALFAZ DEL PI has the Marina Baja’s largest per capita income. Altea, Finestrat, Benidorm, La Vila, La Nucia, Polop, Callosa d’en Sarria and Relleu all come lagging behind.

According to figures from Spain’s tax authority, Hacienda, Alfaz residents have an average gross yearly income of €21,257.  Next in line are Altea (€21,165) Finestrat (€21,120), Benidorm (€20,165), Villajoyosa (€20,152) and La Nucia (€20,118), Polop (€18,870), Callosa d’En Sarria (€16,624) and Relleu (€15,891).

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The town has succeeded in maintaining unemployment levels below both the regional and national averages during the harshest years of the economic crisis, said Finance councillor Mayte Garcia. 

The good results of its own economic activities have also contributed to the Marina Baja’s economic growth, attracting more residents and more businesses, she added. Working for a town that creates wealth for the good of its citizens was something to be proud of, said the mayor, Vicente Arques.


  1. It’s thanks to all the foreigners that these figures make them proud but we, the foreigners are not proud of the politicians that use our money to redo Alfaz town and leave Albir (which is the other part of the town where most foreigners live) with defectious streets and not enough parking (one parking by the sea is used for a summer market)! What they should not be proud of either is that they contaminate the turists and foreign residents as well as their own people with fires in open air from Oct. 1st until July 1st and even durinfg the summer they might give special permisssions to burn!
    They could use all the extra money they get thanks to us to make a recycling area to make compost instead! and preserve everybody’s health and repare the streets.


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