Deserved and undeserved

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Felipe Gonzalez.

EX-PRESIDENT Felipe Gonzalez won three elections on the trot and was in power for more than 13 years.  

He therefore possesses more political common sense than the current PSOE mob have in their little fingers  “Let Rajoy be elected president, even though he doesn’t deserve it,” was the former president’s message to Pedro Sanchez and the PSOE party barons.

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A third election would be the politicians’ fault, he said, although they are giving the impression that the public is to blame. Rajoy doesn’t deserve to be president, but neither does Spain deserve self-serving politicians who put their jobs first, the party second and voters third.


Accentuate the negative

THE musical ‘Oklahoma’ had the unforgettable song ‘I’m just a girl who can’t say no.’ She sounds exactly the kind of politician than Spain needs just now, someone capable of saying yes even when they shouldn’t. Albert Rivera is saying ‘no’ to voting in favour of Mariano Rajoy’s investiture when he should say yes, and Pedro Sanchez is saying no when he should be saying maybe.


Tough line 

THE acting government wants to prosecute Carme Forcadell, Speaker of the Catalan parliament, for disobedience. She is clearly “implicated and affected by” the CUP party’s parliamentary call to set in motion a unilateral declaration of independence, Madrid claims. 

Forcadell, like most Catalans with independence leanings, has little love for Madrid and Madrid is doing nothing to make itself more lovable.  Prosecuting her will only recruit more separatists.


Double standards

MADRID’S Complutense University suspended Juan Carlos Monedero, lecturer and co-founder of the Podemos party for six months without pay.

He failed to tell the university or Hacienda that he had earned €425,000 for assessing the Venezuelan government in 2010 although he wasn’t paid until 2013. Now he must return €42,500 to the university for the oversight.

What with Monedero and party Number Three, Pablo Echenique, who paid his carer in the black, the Podemos hierarchy is practising what it preaches against.  Railing against the hypocrisy and corruption of the political caste is dangerous unless your own affairs can stand close scrutiny.


  1. I think that the Spanish situation is a typical demonstration of what can be the democracy when there are too many parties but if we see what it was in England with the Brexit and what it is going on in America with candidates that are dangerous or simply incompetent it is not really better.


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