Radicalised 24-year-old shot by Canadian Police

© RCMP Ontario
Interior of the taxi cab.

AARON DRIVER a 24-year-old from Strathroy in Ontario Canada who had been arrested previously for suspected support of terrorism was effectively on probation, having to agree to certain conditions in order to guarantee his continued freedom but he was plotting to bomb a crowded urban centre according to a tip off received from the FBI.

Officers of the Royal Canadian Mount Police received a copy of a video showing a man in a balaclava boasting that he intended to repay Canada for the wrongs that it had done in supporting the fight against Daesh.

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After sharing the video with offices around Canada, Driver was identified and officers raced to his sister’s house at 4.30pm on August 11 where he was staying and discovered him leaving in the back of a taxi.

Driver detonated a bomb inside the taxi which injured the driver although the potential terrorist was still able to exit the cab but was shot and killed by officers.


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