Nerja faces a clean up

LOCAL BUSINESSES: Urgent action is required, especially now during the height of the tourist season.

LOCAL businesses in Nerja have called for an urgent disinfection of the town’s drains, in the face of a growing rat and cockroach problem. 

The Association of Nerja Business Owners has said the problem is resulting in “a bad image for our town.” Such a concern is especially worrying now, during the height of the tourist season. 

In a petition to the mayor, Rosa Arrabal, the Association said that the disinfection is particularly needed in areas occupied by the food and retail industries.


The political party Podemos has also joined calls for the drains to be disinfected, saying that they had twice put forward a motion to have Aguas de Narixa, the local water company, clean the drains, but no action had been taken. 

“Who else must ask for the government to act?” The political party said in their Facebook post on the issue, before saying they would continue to attempt to put the motion forward for debate.


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