Do your bit to counter Spain’s wildfire threat


ALL it takes is carelessly flicked fag or – in the case of the German man responsible for a destructive La Palma wildfire that killed a man, saw thousands evacuated and destroyed 1,000 hectares of forest – a ‘toilet paper mishap’. 

With more than 15,000 acres of land destroyed in Galician wildfires throughout the week; Spanish troops combating raging flames 40 miles from Valencia; neighbouring Portugal and France engulfed in dozens of wildfire emergencies; and the nation preparing for the most chaotic partying weekend of the year, now, more than ever, is the time for caution. 

Weather forecasts predict conditions to only worsen, becoming hotter and dryer and ever more dangerous as gusty winds threaten to push the fires further towards urban centres, raising fears of a repeat of 2013 blazes which killed dozens. 

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So if you’re out camping, partying, wandering or driving, exercise extreme caution this weekend, keep your eyes peeled and don’t be the idiot who puts others at risk. 

Extinguish all and any lights and fires carefully and with extreme prejudice. Be wary of others carelessly tossing fag ends in the throes of a drunken orgy. Keep a look out for suspicious activity. 

Believe it or not, carelessness, selfishness and downright ignorance aren’t the only culprits behind the apocalyptic turmoil, nor is climate change the real villain. 

Sadly there’s plenty arsonists out there responsible for dozens of serious wildfires in recent years, hoping to profit from farming the scorched earth, or simply hoping to see the world burn.

So as an eagle-eyed expat who cares about your community do your bit this weekend. Don’t be a dafty and endanger others, watch out for suspicious activity, and, if you see plumes of smoke, call the emergency services on 112 immediately. 


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