Council accused of privatising beaches

© flickr by Ashley Booth
NOT CLEAN: Complaints money is not being spent on the beaches.

THE main residents’ association in Vera, Veraplayazul, has accused the local council of selling its beaches due to the increasing number of private businesses popping up in ‘any available space.’

The association complains that the council, which it accuses of being incapable of providing quality sports and cultural activities itself, has resorted to allowing private leisure businesses to set up shop beside and even on the sand, and failing to utilise profits to improve the coast.

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Wooden huts have sprung up along the seafront promenade, while private beach tennis courts and children’s playgrounds can be seen close to the beach bars. Also a hut which rents out canoes which are adapted for disabled use, is hindered by the fact municipal profits from these activities are not being spent on keeping the beach and sea clean.


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