So high you could go to Heaven (not the club)

© National Police
All of the items seized.

AFTER arresting two men, a Senegalese and a Moroccan who were suspected of stealing over €11,000 from a victim’s safe in Ibiza, one of the men was found to be in possession of more than €3,000 together with a range of different drugs including cocaine, liquid ecstasy, MDMA and 90 tablets of ecstasy.

The National Police in Ibiza had the drugs tested and were horrified to discover that the ecstasy tablets contained a huge amount of MDMA.

So worried are the authorities that there was a formal statement issued by the National Police saying “The really alarming thing about this case is that an ecstasy tablet normally has about 80 milligrams of MDMA and in this case, the 90 pills which imitated the logo of a well-known Ibiza party, had 400mg.”

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“This amount is around five times the normal dose and a single tablet can produce death.”

“Other serious side-effects include heart attacks, epileptic attacks, cardiac arrhythmia, and seizures as well as hyperthermia where the body temperature rises to about 39 degrees Celsius.”

This is of course made worse by the very high temperatures experienced generally this summer and a single tablet of this enhanced drug could easily cause death and all party goers in Ibiza are warned to keep an eye out for these deadly tablets which bear the logo of ‘Music On.’


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