Katie Price in Mallorca

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Katie Price performing at Karaoke bar.

MULTI-TALENTED Katie Price arrived in Mallorca in order to make guest appearances at two nightclubs in Magaluf but her performance in a Karaoke bar in Santa Ponsa drew far more attention, but not of the good kind.

According to reports, she appeared to have over-imbided and apart from singing off key, she swore at other customers who included parents with young children and made what was considered a tasteless comment about her son Harvey who suffers Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and ADHD.

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Whilst she has made no response to the accusations, there has been a great deal of press and social media coverage concerning her behaviour.


  1. I was in this pub with my husband when we spotted Katie, she asked if people didnt take her photo as she was enjoying a holiday just like the rest of us, which was true. It appeared that Katie was partying hard, maybe a little too much when she made a remark about her son which was too close to the mark, people then found this offensive which was then when Katie started swearing at everyone, words fail me when she was so rude. There were children in the pub too. i was saddened to see the way Katie reacted over the next hour or so. Children idolise Katie which becomes an issue with this kind of behaviour.

  2. This is a great family run bar always a great atmosphere and child friendly jon the dj does not allow bad language or bad behaviour i am totally disgusted with the way katie price acted in this bar and the way she treated the customers and staff WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS no wonder she got thrown out

  3. She has no Talent whatsoever
    Except for Boob Jobs that got what she has
    If they paid her whatever it was it was too much

    Family Bar…. Family Entertainment
    Get Leapy Lee back in her place anytime
    At least he is crowd pleaser & no smut


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