Human trafficking gang arrested


SIX people in Murcia and two people in Madrid have been arrested for their roles within a criminal gang that was exploiting workers and forcing them to have sex.

The group targeted Nicaraguan women with the promise of work as cleaners in Spain. They would give them a loan to cover their travel costs but with a 10 per cent monthly interest rate, victims found it ever increasingly difficult to pay off. They were then forced into sex with the leader of the organisation who in turn promised to reduce the debt.

The women were forced to live in rented accommodation paying €70 a week for sharing a room with several others and living in, what officers described as, “deplorable hygienic conditions.”


The leader controlled the victims obsessively and took their passports to prevent them from leaving.
It is believed the group exploited a total of 185 woman who became victims of human trafficking and labour and sexual exploitation.

The investigation began thanks to a confidential call made to the 900 105 090 human trafficking phone line with the caller reporting the existence of a person who was bringing girls from Nicaragua to work. 

Immediately, specialised officers made the necessary steps to check the veracity of the allegations and tried to locate and identify potential victims and those responsible for the crime and investigations led police to a property in Murcia.


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