Guns, knives and now Zimmer frame amnesty

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IN a new project initiated by Fife council after the success of gun and knife amnesties, they are now offering a Zimmer frame amnesty, inviting local residents to return any unwanted aids such as Zimmer frames, crutches, walking sticks, bath aids indeed any item that the now departed elderly or those who have recovered from illness no longer use.

It will be possible for the anonymous return of these items at eight recycling centres around the county in an effort to save money and to save precious resources by putting the aids back into use or selling them to other interested parties.

Just this single council estimates that there could be as many as 160,000 un-needed and unused pieces of equipment in its households and if promoted across the whole of the UK the saving could be enormous as a basic walking stick can cost £10 (€12) and the cheapest Zimmer frame £25 (€30).


At one time, hospitals and councils were actually reluctant to take back items of this type that were no longer required but in today’s fragile economic time, it makes huge sense to recycle rather than buy new.



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