Stolen engines and trucks recovered by the National Police

© National Police
Some of the recovered stolen engines.

AFTER keeping an industrial estate in the Arganda del Rey district of Madrid under surveillance, officers of the National Police saw a particular driver of a truck acting suspiciously and followed him to a warehouse which had a broken door and it transpired was being occupied illegally.

Upon entering the premises, the officers discovered 200 new engines and two specialist trucks with an estimated worth of €1 million which they seized and two men were arrested. Searches then took place at the home of one of the men and two firearms, ammunition and a quantity of knives were discovered.

Although the theft of expensive vehicles is normally associated with luxury cars, there are also specialist gangs who concentrate on the theft of industrial machinery and trucks due to their value. In this case, those arrested are likely to be charged with theft, forgery and receiving stolen goods.



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