Guardia Civil checks ‘Party Boats’

© Guardia Civil
Surprise inspection of ‘Party Boat’.

IN order to ensure complete passenger safety as well as to safeguard those living in the surroundings of the areas that ‘Party Boats’ operate, the Guardia Civil gave warning to those operating them in June of this year that it would be undertaking stringent checks of their vessels, security and crews during July and August.

This campaign is now in full swing and officers have been checking the sea worthiness of boats involved, their safety precautions and equipment, the eligibility and training of crews, noise levels and control of use of drugs.

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It is the responsibility of those promoting these trips to ensure that passengers are not allowed to become intoxicated and then simply dumped on the dock and left to their own devices. In addition, skippers and crew have been breathalysed to check their sobriety and ability to pilot the vessels.

By the first week of August, 20 such inspections had taken place around mainland Spain and the Balearics.


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