Terrorist attack in Belgium sees two policewomen injured

Photo Credit Eoghan OLionnain flickr
A Belgian policewoman on duty

A MAN identified as a terrorist by Belgian authorities, attacked two policewomen on August 6 with a machete and injured both officers before being shot dead outside of a police station in Charleroi.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel who it is understood will be cutting short a holiday in the South of France intends to chair a meeting of the National Security Council today (August 7) told the RTL channel “Initial indications very clearly point towards terrorism.”.

Charleroi housed some of those involved in both last year’s attack on Paris and this year’s attack on Brussels but at this stage, the authorities are not giving any information as to whether the attacker was thought to be part of those terrorist cells or was a ‘lone wolf’.


It is reported that of the two injured officers one suffered only minor wounding whilst the other received serious lacerations across her face.


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