Suspected ibex hunter arrested

SPANISH IBEX: Can only be hunted during certain seasons.

GUARDIA CIVIL Officers belonging to the Guardia Civil Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) arrested a suspected ibex hunter in Alcaucin. The man was allegedly caught red-handed by the officers, after he reportedly shot a male ibex, and was caught with the body and a shotgun. 

The arrest came as part of a larger operation against poachers operating in the Sierras de Tejeda y Almijara, which stretches from Nerja in the south to Fornes, Granada, in the north. The area is one of the few in Spain where the Spanish Ibex, a species of mountain goat, can be found.

Ibex hunting is not completely illegal, with the animal listed as of ‘least concern’ by environmental group the International Union for Conservation of Nature, but they can only be hunted during certain seasons. Permission from the Junta de Andalucia regional government is also required.



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