Gross negligence cause of death


THAT was the verdict of the criminal court in the Murcia Region dealing with the case of the driver who ran over two Yecla residents in October 2013.

In the accident, a 70-year-old man was killed and his wife, aged 68, was seriously injured.

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The judge sentenced the driver to one year and nine months in prison for two counts: one for death and another for injuries, both caused by gross negligence.

The judge said the driver was travelling above the speed limit and was not driving with due attention when the couple were crossing the pedestrian crossing. They were on an organised tour and were heading back to the hotel where they were staying at the time of the accident.

With the vehicle hitting the two at high-speed, the man was killed instantly. The woman suffered multiple injuries and required several surgeries. It took her more than a year to recover.

The judge said the driver and the car insurer are responsible for compensation for the deceased.


  1. Sentenced to ONE YEAR and nine months for the death of the old man and injuries to his wife?
    The Justice System has become a real farce if that is all you get for killing someone.
    Dare I say, I guess the two victims were foreigners and the driver Spanish! That would explain everything!!!!!


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