Best control for the pests

© Juan de Vojníkov - wikimedia
Alhaurin de la Torre.

AS the summer really begins to heat up, populations of pests such as cockroaches and rats are exploding in certain areas, and Alhaurin de la Torre Council is having none of it, having commenced a four-week campaign to sanitise the town’s sewer system.

The chemical treatment and placement of traps follows on from two earlier waves of assault which took place in May and June, and the council wishes to make residents aware that cockroaches, in particular, tend to scarper when the product is first applied, potentially leading to a proliferation of the abhorred scuttlers during the early stages.

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The neighbourhoods of Viñagrande, Taralpe, Peralta, Pinos, Torrealqueria, La Alqueria, El Romeral, Mestanza, Santa Amalia, El Peñon, Molina, Zapata and Hacienda Garrido are those which will feature in the current offensive.


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