Wall of shame

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‘Save the Ferris’ platform has denounced what they are calling a ‘wall of shame’ around the palm grove of Cala Ferris, Torrevieja. 

The group has denounced the “illegalities” in the construction of the wall done by a company “with urban interests to define a sector of this natural area.”

The fencing will be around 800m long composed of concrete blocks which the environmentalists say will generate a negative impact on the environment. The work is licensed as ‘minor works’ through Torrevieja Town Hall.


The owner of the land has previously made clear his intention of wanting to develop the land, but the town hall said they were not authorising building works but the Save the Ferris group worry this could be the start of more work.

The platform has sent a letter to the city council to investigate this alleged urban and environmental illegality that would occupy a portion of land that belongs to everyone, and is a natural pathway. The group says the area is a cattle trail which, under Valencian Law, is “public property of the Government and therefore indefeasible.” Furthermore, “the Government has the right and the duty to investigate, both historically and administratively, the situation of presumed land belonging to the cattle trails to determine the actual ownership of them.”

Save the Ferris also said the law states that natural pathways with many species of fauna and flora “are worthy spaces of conservation.”

The environmental group held a meeting (Thursday August 4) at Mar Azul to discuss the situation.


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