Summer airport activity becomes heated at Palma

SON SANT JOAN: Has been suffering many delays.

THE week started with delays at Palma airport that caused outrage among passengers. In total, 80 per cent of all passengers, 612,000, got caught in the chaos.

People felt hassled and frustrated for many hours in the airport and were informed that the European air space was jammed.

Palma’s Son Sant Joan airport has accumulated more delays in comparison to other countries and islands across Europe. 


It is a saturated island and since the start of the summer there have been many flight bookings, unhappy passengers and delayed operations. 

July and August are two of the island’s busiest months, which have left travellers uncertain of whether or not they will fly on time.

Most delays were approximately 40 minutes long but some were up to five hours, and it seems the situation may not improve until October at least. 



  1. A sign of the times and the future. We are simply becoming overpopulated with millions wanting to travel at the same time whether it is airports, roads or trains or even cruise ships


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