Mexicans marooned in Madrid by wily airline plea for help

© Samuel David Zepeda López -

HUNDREDS of travelling Mexicans are stranded in Madrid’s Barajas airport, some of them having spent weeks languishing around the terminals waiting on a ticket home.

Airline Aeromexico has been promoting a special deal of late whereby passengers eager for a European bargain holiday can snap up heavily discounted tickets with the proviso that they can only fly when seats are available. 



Advised not to consider attempting to fly during the busy summer period, the plight of roughly 200 people was brought to the public’s attention by a Facebook group called Mexicanas en Madrid, who have issued a call for help.

Aeromexico has refused requests to charter a flight especially for the weary group, many of whom have resorted to sleeping rough at the airports and lack the funds to pay for expensive airport food. 

Fortunately generous locals have brought food, water and other supplies, with some even offering temporary accommodation. 



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