Guardia Civil officers bring their experience to the Rio Olympic Games

Guardia Civil
One of the officers on duty in Rio.

FOR THE first time since Barcelona 92, officers from the Guardia Civil will be actively participating in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games undertakign various security roles in association with the Brazilian authorities.

Three officers flew to Brazil on August 1 in order to prepare themselves for the opening of the games and to familiarise themselves with the area as well as stiking up cordialrelationships with their opposite numbers in the Brazilian police force.

The officers will be based in the International Police Coordination Centre and could well be very helpful as there are such a large number of Spanish speaking athletes participating in the Games and they will also advice on what to expect from Spanish fans visiting the event.


It is intended that one officer will return to Spain on August 22 whilst the others will remain in Rio until September 19, the day folowing the closure of the paralympic competitions.


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