Could heels increase the risk of cancer?

SNUG SHOES: Opt for comfortable.

WOMEN have long been warned about the potential damage to feet and joints that wearing high heels can cause, but now they are even being linked to cancer.

Previous studies have suggested high heels can lead to problems including hammer toes where the toes become permanently bent, muscle fatigue and osteoarthritis but now scientists say there could also be a link between the footwear and cancer.

A leading cancer specialist, Dr David Agus, at the University of Southern California, has said in his new book that women should avoid heels and spend more time in comfortable shoes.


He argues that wearing uncomfortable high heeled shoes every day doesn’t just cause unnecessary pain and joint damage, it can actively trigger low-level inflammation as the body struggles with being forced into an unnatural posture. 

Certain kinds of inflammation have been linked to degenerative diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and can dramatically increase cancer risk.

The professor said that although cancer can be caused by damaged or faulty genes with the DNA code, anything that additionally damages DNA or hinders its natural process of repair can increase the risk of cancer.



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