Yet another round of rejections in Spain

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Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sánchez united against terrorism but nothing else.

WHILST pragmatically, one can understand that the little boys on the left don’t want to play with the little boys on the right, it does seem that party politics and personal preening are more important than securing a government for the country.

Neither side can obtain a working majority without gaining the support (or abstention) of parties in opposition but after a meeting between Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sánchez on August 2 the leader of PSOE told a press conference that whilst the country does urgently need a new government, his party would not support a right wing government fronted by Mr Rajoy.

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The interim prime minister responded by saying that whilst it was not the ideal solution, if PSOE was not prepared to support him, then a third election would be almost inevitable and unless Mr Rajoy steps down or Mr Sánchez is sacked (which might be more likely), the country can look forward to even more uncertainty.

It is interesting that the leader of Unidos Podemos Pablo Iglesias is keeping a very low profile although both he and Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera are due to meet with Mr Rajoy but it is fairly clear that one will definitely reject coalition whilst the other does not possess sufficient seats to help form a strong coalition government.


  1. Sorry but I am fed up of hearing this one or that one doesn’t want Rajoy and all their little boy antics.
    I fail to understand why they don’t just have a hung parliament – Rajoy won two elections so the rest should,I believe have percentages in the parliament.
    Simple ? NO?


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