Summer of death continues with another bull-related goring

Scene from last year's Valrio festival.

ANOTHER bull-running festival and another fatality as a 59-year-old man is buried today, having been mortally gored at an annual fiesta in Valrio, Extremadura on Sunday July 31.

Eyewitness reports claim that Juan Manuel Calle Sanchez found himself cornered by a chasing bull, and desperately tried to climb over the barrier separating participants from spectators, before falling back and being crushed, with one horn piercing his lung.

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He died later in the local hospital and the Guijo de Gallisteo town hall declared a mourning period of three days, a traditional custom that has reared its head habitually this year with a spate of bull fighting or running related deaths across the country.

The famous, or notorious depending on your stance, Pamplona Bull-Run saw a record 12 gorings this year in July, while young bullfighter Victor Barrio became the first of his profession to die in a Spanish ring since 1985.


  1. Good riddance to these uncivilised uneducated savages. I just think how many bulls they have tortured, tormented, inflicted horrendous pain on and finally murdered. Karma is a good thing


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