Incident and arrest near Schiphol Airport

The coach with SWAT team visible.

FOLLOWING an increase in security in and around Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, a coach on the A4 motorway near Locks heading towards Schiphol was surrounded by armed police at 9.30am on Monday August 1 and a man was arrested.

It would appear that whilst on the coach he started muttering almost incoherently something about a bomb. Concerned passengers advised the driver who stopped the coach immediately on the hard shoulder and evacuated everyone before calling the police.

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An armed SWAT team arrived and instructed the man to remove his shirt to ensure that he was not a ‘human bomb’ which he did and it is reported that he was confused but surrendered peaceably and may be suffering from some form of mental instability.

After the coach was examined for explosives or weapons, the passengers were allowed to re-board and it left having been delayed for about one hour and the motorway was re-opened.


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