Seprona campaign against animal cruelty

Guardia Civil
Announcement of the new campaign

SPAIN is definitely moving towards a better position with regards to the mistreatment of domestic animals and although some expats continue to find fault in what the country does, we are of course visitors who are entitled to an opinion, but cannot expect everything to change overnight to suit us.

What should please all animal lovers however was an announcement made on the morning of July 29 by the Chief of Nature Protection Service of the Guardia Civil (Seprona), Vicente Pérez, that there is to be a national campaign against abuse and neglect of domestic animals under the title #YoSiPuedoContarlo.

The aim of this campaign is to raise public awareness to promote the necessary measures for the protection, management and welfare for pets, as well as to bring to the attention of Seprona any cases of abuse that become known to individuals.

The campaign will be promoted through all areas of social media and publicity open to the Guardia Civil and Sr. Pérez has asked that newspapers such as Euro Weekly News should help in promoting this initiative by bringing it to the attention of our readers.

He advised that during 2015 the Guardia Civil became aware of 10,793 administrative offenses and crimes against domestic animals and no less than 426 people were investigated with many of those arrested and charged with cruelty.

The Chief confirmed that these figures show that there is a problem of abuse and pet abandonment, which must be taken notice of even by use of ‘denoncios’ if necessary to try to eradicate a climate of cruelty generally and to protect individual animals in danger immediately, especially as many activities are not only cruel but illegal.

The Guardia Civil is taking this action in part because it has detected an increase in public awareness, not only through formal complaints, but also among users of social networks, as evidenced by the fact that one of the issues that obtains the most interaction and response from their twitter and Facebook followers is any request for cooperation to solve crimes of abuse to animals and indeed many followers send them information and photographs of abuse cases to investigate.

In addition, the second objective of this campaign is to raise awareness that having a pet is a big responsibility, not something to undertake on a whim and then throw out onto the streets when holidays come around.

The campaign asks that if anyone knows of any case of animal abuse or neglect report it by phone on 062, email [email protected] or through their social networking accounts.


  1. We are living in the campo Alfaz del Pi/Costa Blanca. Here not only people have their ochard but their “summerhouse”. They leave all year long 2 to 6 dogs all by themselves, come to feed them once in a while (they live usualy in the town next door). These dogs need company, regular food, walks etc… they are just used as alarm systems! So everytime someone walk along their property they bark to death because they are afraid someone could enter! As soon as it gets dark at night they also start barking but it’s a different sound; it seems they cry because they are scarred. Anytime something moves, even if it’s due to the wind they bark! Imagine the “hell” they create for the entire neighbourhood day and night!! Denuncias have been written since 4 years by different neighbours, the Police says they don’t hear anything when they pass by!!! and Seprona said they are not mistreated! But we are!!! You won’t believe me but we were brought to the Justice of Peace by 2 of these unrespectfull neighbours accusing us that we were the cause that their dogs were barking! This means they attacked us to defend themselves!! Thanks to a lawyer and a neighbour who had made official denuncias a year before we moved in we could demonstrate that their dogs barked like crazy already before we were even living here! This shows how terrible they dare act with foreigners! Does anyone know if their is a law that prohibits leaving dogs where no one lives during months?
    Thank you in advance


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