Pokemon Go hits Terra Natura


TERRA NATURA is organising a Pokemon Go session at the Benidorm Nature Park tomorrow, Saturday July 30.

It will be a meeting place – and a safe meeting place with no absorbed teenagers standing in the middle of busy roads – for all players of the game that is currently obsessing young and old alike.

At 11.30am via a giant screen the well-known YouTuber “ Irafer” will give advice and share tricks on reaching the game’s different levels.


Throughout the day bait will be set out to attract the presence of the augmented reality game’s sought-after creatures or Pokemon.

Participants will be able to spend the day with other players in the park which has been organised as an official Pokestop with items that include eggs and Poke Balls to capture more Pokemon. A gym will be located in the Asia zone, where players can compete once they reach Level 5 and join one of the yellow, red or blue teams.

A gymkhana will be held between 12 noon and 2pm and from 4 until 6pm for users who want to take part without using a mobile phone. There will be quizzes, ability tests and target practice.

Participants receive a Trainer’s Card that will be stamped after each test, entitling them to a certificate confirming them as Terra Natura Pokemon Go Handlers.

Participants can download a special 2 x 1 discount from the Terra Natura website (www.terranatura.com) and its Facebook page (facebook.com/TerraNaturaZoo). Existing clients with an annual pass can enter the park as usual.


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