Defenceless kittens put on the rack

Felinos Lo Morant/Facebook
CORROSIVE ATTACK: Kittens are recovering in a veterinary clinic after being rescued by cat association.

THE ‘Felines Lo Morant’ association: a group dedicated to helping homeless cats, has reported on their Facebook page a case of violence against some newborn kittens in the port area of Alicante.

The animals were sprayed with corrosive liquid, which the group said was probably a kind of industrial detergent, causing loss of fur. The kittens were transferred immediately to the emergency department of veterinary clinics working with the platform. One suffered a burnt tongue and another is receiving oxygen treatment.

To follow their progress or to help the charity, visit the charity’s Facebook page by searching ‘Felinos Lo Morant.’

Police have now arrested a person in relation to the attacks.


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