Retired Guardia Civil officer shoots in-laws at wedding reception in Southern Spain

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Wedding cake decoration

A former Guardia Civil officer fired shots at his new in-laws during his wedding celebration and then turned the gun on himself when the Local Police arrived.

On July 26, the retired guard named Mateo had reportedly pulled out his gun during the reception in the town of Bullas, in the region of Murcia, Costa Blanca South.

Aged 63 he unexpectedly fired at two of the bride´s male relatives, which raised the alarm among family members.


The bride ran from the venue and called for assistance in the streets, after the chaos inside worsened.

Shortly afterwards, a team from the Local Police arrived to the scene after being notified, however, the groom at this point decided to kill himself.

The injured relatives are thought to be of a Bulgarian nationality, and are left in a life-threatening situation after being badly shot.

They have been taken to hospital to be treated, but their condition is described as “very serious”.


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