Jihadist brothers arrested in Catalonia for financing Daesh

Photo Credit Oleg Zabielin Shutterstock

TWO Jihadist brothers were arrested in Girona, Catalonia on the morning of July 27, in north-eastern Spain for funding Daesh.

Officers of the Guardia Civil arrested them in the early hours, Spain´s Interior Ministry has said in a statement.

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They were arrested on charges of teaming up with a terrorist organisation and indoctrination, to fund their terrorism-driven motives.

The two brothers aged just 33 and 22 are of Moroccan nationality, and used false identities given to them by Daesh so that they could send money to the terrorist groups located in Syria and Iraq.

News came from Spain´s National Centre for Intelligence, as the investigation provided concrete evidence that money from Europe has been used to finance terrorist-operations by Daesh and to encourage further conflict.

Despite a third brother dying, who had travelled to Syria with his wife and two children to fight for Daesh, the two Jihadist brothers still went ahead with their original intention of financing the groups.

The money sent over was to be an on-going source of funding for Daesh, according to a statement from Spain´s Interior Ministry.

This discovery comes at a time when Spain is on level four of an anti-terrorist alert. In the meantime, the Guardia Civil have been examining the two Jihadist brother´s homes, in a bid to unravel the connections which could lead to the financial administrators of Daesh. 


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