Matador gravely injured in latest bullfighting incident

Pablo Belando being struck by bull

A YOUNG matador from Murcia is in intensive care after being badly gored in Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring on Sunday.

Pablo Belando, 26, was struck in the leg and buttock and had his lung pierced by the bull’s horn before being rushed to hospital for an emergency operation.

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He remains in serious condition in the San Francisco de Asis hospital with an eight-inch gash on his leg, broken ribs and further surgery required on his penetrated lung.

He had courageously tried to leave the ring of his own accord but colleagues rushed to carry him off when they realised the severity of his injuries.

Belando is the last in a long line of bullfighters suffering injuries this season and this latest incident comes just weeks after Victor Barrio became the first man to be killed in the ring in decades.



  1. This proof number so many that bullfights should be banned RIGHT NOW. This guy is in hospital on the cost of society where the money is needed for people that couldn’t help it to be hurt. He was “courageously” trying to escape from the ring. Well, that is exactly what the bull tries to do. They don’t want to be hurt, tortured and killed! I don’t wish anybody to get hurt or killed, but I do hope this guy will stop bullfighting. One less, many to go.


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