Malaria misdiagnosis case under investigation in Valencia

Adruki on wikimedia commons

A VALENCIAN court has launched investigations after receiving a claim against a private hospital in the city from a man who was misdiagnosed with flu when he was actually suffering from malaria.

The lawsuit states that the claimant went to the hospital’s A&E department on March 4 and told doctors he had had a fever for some days. Although he explained that he often travelled to Africa and asked for a malaria test, the doctor refused this and after a simple blood test diagnosed flu and sent the patient home with paracetamol.

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The suit continues explaining that on March 7 the patient was so ill he had to be taken to hospital by ambulance but was still refused malaria tests. After two more days with no improvements during which the man’s relatives reported nurses had told them there were no doctors available to see him, the doctor who made the flu diagnosis visited the patient, admitted his error and sent him to intensive care with kidney failure, anaemia and fluid on the lungs among other problems.

The claimant, who is “miraculously recovering” according to his lawyer, remains on sick leave and the judge in charge of Valencia’s number 11 court has requested access to his medical records to study the case.


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