Increased security measures across Alicante

UNDER CONTROL: Police numbers are up throughout the province.

THE attacks in Nice, France, which left more than 80 people dead and over 100 injured, has led to enhanced security in Alicante Province.
Increased vigilance has been ordered at both the airport and port as the Secretariat of State Security units of the National Police and Guardia Civil moved to reinforce the terror alert to a level four.

The latest attacks in France occurred during a fiesta attracting large crowds to gather, as in those seen during Alicante’s San Juan events and Elche’s annual fiestas to coincide with the Mystery Play celebrations held in August.

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As a result, the security forces said more action is being taken to develop more effective evacuation protocol in case such an event should occur.
The port of Alicante also saw a larger, more visible presence of uniformed officers of the National Police this weekend, to coincide with Operation Crossing the Straits when there is an increase in the number of passengers using the Algeria ferry with North African citizens going back and forth from Spain with Alicante one of the main points of entry.

It means terrorists are more able to hide themselves amongst the influx of North Africans. In addition to uniformed officers plain clothed officers, responsible for fighting terrorism were also patrolling, along with trained explosive detection dogs.

Border checks were also increased at Alicante-Elche airport which has air links with Algeria.


  1. Great to see these increased safety measures, but it’s very hard to Police because these idiots can strike anytime anyplace.
    I was in Guardamar Town Hall square the other day, and all of a sudden, loud bangs started going off, this was about 1 0-clock in the afternoon, luckily, it was only fireworks. First reaction was a bomb, but then I realised it was something to do with the Moors and Christians, very scary for a few seconds.

  2. Security at Alicante? Are you joking? Every time I collect relatives or friends from Alicante airport I see dozens of idiots trying to sneak past the arrivals door (for god knows what reason) and at least 5 or 6 will always make it.


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