Green, green grass at luxury home

MARY JANE? Not the accused.

THE ever-vigilant Guardia Civil have been busy rounding up pesky cannabis dealers, taking down a corrupt community president in Marbella, and swooping on a hash-filled Mercedes in San Roque.

In Marbella, seven people were arrested, with one of the ringleaders a 50-year-old woman who is community president of a well-known luxury urbanisation where she wielded “absolute power,” having installed a closed circuit security system after a recent spate of break-ins, and winning the trust of moneyed foreign residents to the point where they would leave their keys with her.

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In this way, she built up the perfect cover for the clandestine cultivation of vast plantations of cannabis inside several luxury villas, with 1,225 plants, four kilos of prepared buds, at least 700 doses of anabolic steroids, €30,000 in cash, two false police identification cards, 12 cars, four motorcycles, and masses of material used in cultivation seized during police raids.

Seven loaded weapons were also recovered from the president’s home, one of which was in her bedside table and another under the mattress, as her outwardly sweet-natured and generous character was shot to smithereens.

The native of La Linea de la Concepcion and her pensioner husband were apparently driving high-end cars and luxuriating in a lifestyle that far outweighed their official income, with neither having worked for years yet being able to fork out €2,500 per month for a swanky home in Nueva Andalucia, where the first odorous orchard was unearthed alongside 100 fifty kilo bags of earth.

She also had a second house in the urbanisation itself, where police discovered a second plantation in a secret room accessed via a door concealed behind a wardrobe, while the Iranian tenants were charged with steroid-trafficking on top of cultivating the black-market vegetation.

Although the bent president and her partner are considered to be highly-ranked, the faction’s Mister Big is thought to be a French man who was detained with his wife after a further illicit nursery was smoked out in their villa.

The seventh and final arrest was that of a Spanish woman who was in possession of the money, and is thought to have been in charge of finance.
Meanwhile, in San Roque, 173 kilos of hashish were recovered from the back seats and boot of a car driven by a 62-year-old man from Zaragoza.


  1. What an utter waste of time and money. You’d think the police had criminals to catch, instead of pointlessly harrassing people.


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