David Moyes returns to the Premier League after being named as Sunderland manager

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FOR many Man U fans, the mere mention of the name ‘David Moyes’ is enough to conjure up painful memories of a season gone horribly awry, but a few missteps won’t keep a good man down, as the plucky Scot has yet again demonstrated, with the announcement this morning (Saturday July 23) that he will take over at Sunderland now that Sam Allardyce has been confirmed as the new England manager.

Merely a day after it was officially announced that Allardyce will heading off to hopefully inject some new vigor into a national team struggling to find its feet, a statement was published on Sunderland’s official website confirming that Moyes has signed a four year contract with the squad.

Moyes has voiced his optimism and excitement over the new opportunity saying that he is “relishing the challenge” and “looking forward to working in the Premier League again.”


Moyes’ reputation has taken a bit of a beating over the last few years, after unsuccessful bids to helm not only United, but also Real Sociedad, but he also has a wealth of experience as a manager, with an impressive 11 year run at Everton and more than 800 games among his accomplishments.

Owner and chairman of Sunderland, Ellis Short expressed his delight over the appointment, stating that this was the fifth time that he had pursued Moyes, who was “by far and away our first choice.”


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