Brit arrested in Marbella after renting stolen supercar to Saudi Prince

STOLEN: The vehicle has been impounded as investigations proceed.

A BRITISH man has been detained in Marbella, after a Saudi Prince had his night out ruined in the early hours of Wednesday, July 20, as the Lamborghini Aventador he was driving was impounded amid suspicions that it had been stolen.

The drama began as a Local Police patrol was conducting a routine vehicle check on Avenida Naciones Unidas, one of the principal roads feeding swanky Puerto Banus, and elected to stop the silver-coloured high-end motor, which has a market value in excess of €360,000.

On board the flying machine was a 31-year-old man with surname Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a member of the current Saudi Royal Family who have long been known to holiday in the ritzy resort.


The vehicle showed up in the police’s database with an intriguing series of notes, as a German national who had reported the car stolen in London several weeks ago had spotted it cruising the streets of Marbella, leading him to inform the National Police that he believed the vehicle to be his, although they could not access the report that the man had filed in Britain.

Following a round of questions, the princely pilot produced a full, valid driving license, but was unable to offer any documentation for the car, since there was nothing in the glove box, although he did have signed paperwork to prove that he had rented it from a local firm specialising in upmarket rides.

The vehicle was promptly seized, although reports suggest that no charges will be pressed on the hapless driver, who presumably was not required to walk home.

Officers then visited the director of the rental agency, a 31-year-old man who holds dual Indian-British citizenship, and owns properties in Westminster and on a luxury Marbella urbanisation.

When the vehicle’s documentation was examined, it transpired that they did not match the vehicle’s British registration, and instead corresponded to a set of temporary German plates which had expired on June 22.

On further inspection, it became clear that the British plates were “entirely false,” leading to the arrest of the Brit, who is also apparently sales director of a bespoke luxury car sales firm in London, on charges of forgery.

The car has now been passed to the National Police as the investigation continues.


  1. Great news, I hope he goes down, has his British Passport & citizenship revoked & is then deported back to India together with any dependents.

    There are hundreds of them parked all over the place, but with no tax disc on the windscreen now they are a bit more difficult to spot,
    But if your a bit of a nosey parker you can go to the DVLA webpage and check out any British registered car in less than a minute,
    If the registration number and make come back not known, then its a bender. What now for a nosey parker???? 911, I sppose


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