Alert in Spain look set to remain for time being

COLLABORATION: Guardia Civil officers with a member of the French National Gendarmerie in Albir.

AS tensions across Europe remain high following the recent spate of terror attacks, the Spanish interim government made the decision to maintain the country’s terror alert at level 4 in the wake of the tragic events in Nice last week, with increasing evidence that the latter was planned for months in advance and that the perpetrator was not working alone.

In reality, nothing changes in this respect, since Spain has been sitting on level 4 since June 2015, following the string of horrifying events in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia last year, and it is just one step below the maximum level 5.

Should this be raised, armed forces would be deployed to perform ‘surveillance’ and ‘protection of critical infrastructure’ alongside ‘aerial reconnaissance of non-urban strategic objectives’ and ‘restriction and control of airspace.’

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That said, given the massive upsurge in tourists heading to Mediterranean Spain this year, the government’s view is that it must remain vigilant, and it is difficult to argue with their stance as 2016 takes on a progressively dystopian feel.

In addition, the first signs of collaboration between Spanish and French security forces, alongside a clampdown on terror suspects with possible links to Daesh, may be emerging on the Costa Blanca, with reports of 30 officers in full combat gear entering a clothes shop in Moraira on Friday, July 22, shortly after a squad comprising officers from the Guardia Civil, Local Police, and French National Gendarmerie were spotted entering a coffee shop in Albir.

No further details regarding either incident are available at present but, as always, we will keep our readers up to date should anything significant emerge.


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